Euro Pak Cargo Services offers a bespoke cargo solution that tailors to your needs. We provide the most cost efficient and affordable way of sending parcels through air and sea cargo to Pakistan from the UK and Europe. Send your gifts and parcels hassle free with our Pak Cargo Service!

Our customers have sent multiple types of  parcels through our air and sea cargo services. Here are some the items that we send on a regular basis: Clothes, shoes, curtains, bedding, perfumes, toys, dry food and even chocolate!

Air Cargo is the fastest way of getting your parcels to Pakistan. The average delivery time to Pakistan is 7 working days. With the minimum weight being 15kg via Air Cargo. The price per kilo starts at £5.50 + handling fees (T&C Apply).

Sea Cargo is a great way of sending your parcels to Pakistan (if you are not in a rush). The average delivery time to Pakistan is 6 to 8 weeks. With the minimum weight being 20kg via Sea Cargo. The price per kilo starts at £1.00 + packaging fee (T&C Apply).


Once you have booked a time slot for collection with our dedicated team, we will contact you before arrival. Our team will then pack your box, suitcase or bag into our provided sack.

2.) We check the parcel

We will then seal and check the weight of the parcel. Payment is usually taken at the time of collection. We then send the parcel to our sorting depot, our trained staff will then get the parcel ready for delivery to Pakistan.

3.) We send your parcel to Pakistan

Once your items have arrived in Pakistan our dedicated courier network will call and arrange a delivery time slot. Then they will deliver the parcel(s) to your provided delivery address.

Prices start at £1.00 per kilo (T&C Apply), 100% guaranteed delivery



This Pak Cargo Service is via Air or Sea freight. You can book now because its available from major cities here in the UK and Europe. We also collect from major universities. This includes (but not limited to) London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Bristol, Newport, Swansea, Leeds, Liverpool ,Glasgow, Leicester and many other cities please ring to confirm.


We also deliver to all the major destinations in Pakistan and AK. Including (but not limited to) Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Mirpur,Faisalabad, Multan, Pirmahal, Gujranwala, Rahim -Yar- Khan, Attock, Sialkot, Hyderabad.

  • We can also arrange house moving to Pakistan.
  • Ring any of the above numbers for a tailored quote.
  • Electronic devices can also be sent with us.
  • There is no limit on the amount of parcels you can send.
  • We always endeavour to pick up the parcel(s) from your door.

Minimum weight is 20kg for Sea cargo & 15kg for Air Cargo however there is no upper limit, this means you can send unlimited amounts of parcels to Pakistan.

Minimum required weight is 20kg for Sea cargo and 15kg by Air cargo. If you choose to send less than the minimum weight required then you will still be charged the minimum weight cost.

Sea cargo parcels take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to reach their destination in Pakistan/Azad Kashmir. Air Cargo takes around 7-10 working days depending on delivery address in Pakistan.

We are one of the very few companies who truly offer a door-to- door service to Pakistan and we deliver your parcels to your given address in Pakistan/Azad Kashmir.

Our delivery network is scattered all over Pakistan & Azad Kashmir and we currently have 99% coverage of Pakistan.

Yes we do provide packing services at extra cost please contact our office for further information.

Yes you can, please contact our office for further information.

You will get the best cargo rates at PakCargo Services Limited. Our rates start at as low as £1 per kg. Moreover, our air cargo rates and other packages are also reasonable.

Yes, you can. For TV Cargo To Pakistan we make wooden boxes by hand and pack the TV inside so that your TV will arrive safely in Pakistan. Therefore you don’t have to worry over your parcel’s safety. Our Pak cargo team are experts in packing and handle your cargo delicately at all levels of delivery.

Moreover, for further information and delivery specifications, get in touch with our office.

Yes, PakCargo offers delivery of all types of electrotonic cargo to Pakistan. Moreover, we can collect your electronic items anywhere in the United Kingdom or Europe. if you are ordering online we can take delivery of your electronic items or any parcel in our warehouse.

Also, you don’t have to fret over your parcel’s safety. This is because our team of professionals handle your cargo delicately at all levels of delivery. Get in touch with our office for further information.

How can we send cargo so efficiently? Mainly, because of our in-house transport and automated A1 Pakargo systems. We offer two types of parcel delivery to Pak:

1.     Air Cargo Services to Pakistan

If you are looking for a swift way to send cargo anywhere in Pakistan, the PakCargo air service is suitable for you. This is a Pak cargo door to door delivery service.

The usual delivery time to Pakistan is seven working days. Also, the minimum weight requirement for Air Cargo is 15kg.

The starting price £5.50 per kg + handling charges (T&C Apply).


2.     Sea Cargo Services to Pakistan

Sea Cargo is an excellent method of transporting cargo to Pakistan (if your delivery isn’t urgent).

The usual time for cargo services to Pakistan is up to two months. Also, the minimum weight for Sea Cargo is 20kg.

Moreover, the pricing per kg begins at £1.00 plus a small packing cost (T&C Apply).

Now, let’s see how you can send your cargo to Pakistan. The following steps will make the process clear:

1.     Parcel Collection

First, you can call, email or WhatsApp, for a booking with Pakcargo. This will allow us to choose the right time and day for collection of your cargo to Pakistan.

When we finalise the time slot with yourselves, we can head over and pick up your parcel. However, we won’t ambush you. Instead, our team will get in touch before we arrive.

Next, our crew will load your box, suitcase, or bag into the sack that we offer. We will also calculate the correct weight and charges. The invoice will be sent straight away to your email.

2.      We treat your cargo like Apna cargo.

Here at PakCargo, we prioritise the safety and accuracy of each parcel. Moreover, appropriate packaging is our top priority. You’ll notice that this is unlike any ordinary Pk cargo company.

Most cargo organisations mindlessly toss your prised possessions during transit or mishandle your parcel to Pakistan while loading/unloading. Contrarily, at PakCargo, we choose the most secure and apt packaging solution for each parcel. Furthermore, we seal the package to make sure nothing falls out or goes missing.

Additionally, we can also collect payment via link at the time of pickup so you don’t even need to pay cash. Our Pakcargo service is the best way for a cheap parcel delivery to Pakistan.

However that does not mean that once your parcel is collected we do not take care of it. We really make sure it reaches Pakistan safely. When your parcel reaches our secure warehouse, our trained Pakcargo warehouse team prepare it for cargo delivery to Pakistan.

3.     Parcel Delivery

As soon as your parcel lands in Pakistan, our Pakistan freight services will activate. They will contact the recipient in Pakistan for an appropriate time for delivery. Tracking numbers for your parcels can also be provided.

Next, the courier service will deliver your parcel to the given address in Pakistan.

Prices start at £1.00 per kilo (T&C Apply), 100% guaranteed delivery

Connect to Pak with Pak Cargo

Pakistanis that live away from their family and friends are always thinking of them. However, being so far away does create a sense of miles between you and your loved ones. Very often, it’s hard to show how much you love and miss them. Furthermore, it’s difficult to send gifts to Pakistan or cargo to Kashmir. Not to worry now you can send cargo direct to Pak & Asad Kashmir with Pakcargo.

Cargo Hindrances to Pakistan

First, it’s pretty costly to send goods to Pakistan, from the UK and Europe. Moreover, it is quite risky to trust other cargo services to Pakistan.

Consequently, many Pakistanis abroad are deprived of the chance to share their love with those close to them. However, you can now send parcels & cargo from UK2PK at a cost-effective rate   using our cheap parcel delivery to Pakistan. Starting from1.00 per kg this the best way to send non urgent parcels through Pakcargo.

Who We Are

We are an innovative group of Astar cargo service providers. Moreover, we specialize in delivering post from UK to Pakistan.

The minimum cargo shipping cost to Pakistan make our services unique and trustworthy. At delivery charges starting from just £1.00/ kilo make sending Pakistan cargo 4u very affordable. Our simple procedures and automated systems are notable characteristics of the Pak cargo services.

PakCargo’s Motivation

For a long time, sending a parcel to Pakistan from UK was an almost impossible feat. However PakCargo decided to intervene with an affordable and trustworthy solution.

Consequently, PakCargo was born.

Now, Euro Pak Cargo Service Ltd. is conducting cargo home delivery from Europe and the UK.

Hence, whether eid gifts or emergency belongings, we deliver them safely with a minimum average delivery time.

The PakCargo Experience

PakCargo is constantly striving to achieve new customer satisfaction and convenience goals. Moreover, we consistently aim to overcome all bounds and borders for swift and successful cargo to Pakistan. We can collect from anywhere in the UK and even offer free next day pickup.

Points to Note

  • We can also help you relocate to Pakistan.
  • For a customized quotation, call any of the numbers listed above.
  • We can also send electronic equipment for you.
  • There is no restriction on the number of shipments that can be sent.
  • We always make every effort to collect the parcel(s) from your entrance.
  • You can also send excess baggage through pakcargo.