Euro Pak Cargo Services Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for Pak Air Cargo Services Ltd, and the,, and websites.

USER AGREEMENT: This document contains important information regarding the terms and conditions under which Pak Air Cargo Services Ltd offers its cargo services. Read this document carefully and please note that the information contained herein is subject to change without any notice. Terms and con
For security and legal reasons, items are subject to search, and illegal or potentially unsafe property and prohibited commodities are subject to seizure.

No hazardous materials may be transported through Pak Air Cargo Services Ltd.

Weapons, liquor, or any illegal substances can not be transported through Pak Air Cargo Services Ltd.

Pak Air Cargo Services Ltd cannot provide for and in no manner will be liable for the loss or physical damage to certain packages, including but not limited to, jewellery, electronic equipment, personal keepsakes, antiques, art, fragile items (including glass), unique or one-of-a-kind items or items of unusual value (including, but not limited to, precious metals, or currency). Such items are shipped expressly at your own exclusive risk.

Pak Air Cargo Services Ltd reserves the binding right to refuse any shipment which it deems at its sole discretion to be undeliverable, unfit for shipment, could be easily damaged, and/or may contain possible dangerous, regulated or illegal items.

Pak Air Cargo Services Ltd agrees to manage, within its’ limitations, all necessary logistics, tracking and customer service functions for any accepted orders, providing that our client provides timely and accurate information when available, concerning the item(s) shipped via the logistics companies contracted through Pak Cargo Services Ltd. User agrees that Pak Cargo Services Ltd may modify, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the services at any time without notice to the user, in which case Pak Cargo Services Ltd shall not be liable to the user or any third party. The services are all delivered to the user subject to all terms and conditions imposed by contracted carriers, including but not limited to, all terms and conditions contained on such companies’ websites, any transportation agreements, applicable tariffs or other rules or procedures of the contracted carriers.

 Pak Cargo Services Ltd liability in connection with your shipment is limited to the lesser of your actual damages or £110 per shipment.

Pak Cargo Services Ltd retains no liability for any loss in excess of its maximum liability of £110. In all events, Pak cargo services ltd.’s maximum liability in connection with this shipment is limited to the lesser of actual damage or £110 per shipment.

In no event shall Pak Cargo Services Ltd be liable to the user for lost profits or any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with our site, our services or this user agreement, regardless of the active or passive negligence or sole, joint, concurrent, or comparative negligence of Pak Cargo Services Ltd
The User expressly acknowledges that Pak Cargo Services Ltd is not liable for (a) any carrier’s failure to make timely delivery on a specified delivery date, (b) any delays in parcels or deliveries by Pak Cargo Services Ltd or its carriers, or deletion or failure to store shipping requests or shipping records.
Pak Cargo Services Ltd will not be liable for loss, damage or delay caused by events beyond our control, including but not limited to acts of God, war or civil unrest, or acts of government.
Pak Cargo Services Ltd is only liable for loss of or physical damage to package at actual cash value and not replacement cost, up to £110. Further,  Pak Cargo Services Ltd liability is not applicable to additional costs incurred by the customer if a shipment is late, or any other costs outside of the actual cash value of a lost or damaged package, up to £110. In no event shall Pak Cargo Services Ltd be liable for any consequential damages, lost profits or lost opportunity costs

Some amount of normal wear and tear should be expected when luggage is transported. Because of the automated systems used by transportation companies during handling.
Pak Cargo Services Ltd is not responsible for delays due to factors beyond our control including but not limited to, direct or indirect, acts of God, riots, customs delays, or strikes. Shipment delays due to these occurrences void all responsibility and liability of Euro Pak Cargo Services Ltd
Pak Cargo Services Ltd is in no way liable or responsible for any losses or damages to property left unattended while waiting for pickup or property left unattended at the final destination.

Money-back guarantee
If your baggage is not received after 10 weeks of the estimated end of delivery, a refund request must be submitted in writing by emailing us We will not be obligated to refund any charges for any of the following reasons:

  1. Shipment was delayed, held, or re-routed due the request or actions of the user as defined in our terms and conditions.
    2. The shipment delivery was refused by recipient or if there was no recipient present for receiving shipments.
    3. The shipment was delayed due to an incorrect address.
    4. The shipment was delayed due to customs clearance.
    5. Delivery or pick up location is considered outside primary service areas.

All claims must be made in writing and within the time limits set forth above.

Failure to provide us with notice in the manner and within the time limits set forth above will result in denial of your claim, and we will have no liability or obligation to pay your claim. The filing of a lawsuit does not constitutecompliance with these notice provisions.

Euro Pak Cargo Services Ltd and our agents reserve the right to hold any shipment that may be deemed undeliverable for any reasons stated in our terms and conditions.

1. Live Animals, Reptiles, Snakes, Birds, and Insects
2. Bullion
3. Currency
4. Firearms (Parts thereof including paintball, pellet guns, air rifles, etc.)
5. Pornography
6. Drugs / Narcotics (illegal)
7. Human remains (including ashes)
8. Counterfeit or Pirated goods or material
9. Dangerous Goods

Hazardous or combustible materials, including asbestos and ammunition, as defined by applicable sea or road transport regulations.
10. Precious Metals and Stones (Including unfinished Jewellery)
11. Negotiable Instruments
12. Perishable items (Flowers, plants, foodstuffs, items requiring temperature control)
13. Medical samples (Such as biological/diagnostic specimens, blood, urine, bodily fluids, etc.)
Such as any kind of frogs, insects, lizards, tortoises, sea life, worms etc.

You may send limited number of electronics, such as laptops, computers, monitors, TV, hand held devices/ video games, other TV games, mobile phones, air conditioners, small refrigerators etc.

Charitable items (donations)
You may only send clothing, shoes, blankets, and other bedding items.

  1. Payment is due within two working days upon receipt of this invoice. If payment is delayed, a non-refundable storage fee of £50 p/week is payable, and your parcel(s) will not be delivered until the full amount has been received
  2. Delivery will take approximately 7 – 10 working days: Euro Pak Cargo Services is not liable for any delay due to the recipient not being present/reachable, customs, strike/force majeure or any pandemic-related postponements
  3. If the recipient is not present or reachable, within two weeks of delivery – the parcel(s) will be disposed of without notice
  4. It is the recipient’s responsibility to check the condition of the delivery – any complaints must be raised within 24 hours of receipt. If they suspect anything is missing/damaged, they must leave a note as part of their signature advising this for a claim to be valid.Claim per parcel: Used goods will be valued at £25 and new goods at a maximum of £110
  5. The company will not accept any claims for fragile items, perishable items or for poor packaging on the sender’s behalf. If your parcel requires additional packaging or shrink wrap in order to be suitable to send, a surcharge (starting from £5 will be applicable). If your parcels are damaged in transit due to poor packaging and/or items go missing, we are not liable for any loss incurred.
  6. If any prohibited items (see ‘contraband’ above) are found in your parcel(s), they will be removed, and you will be liable for any penalties payable
  7. If you lock your parcel(s), it is likely that customs will open/break the lock as part of their normal safety protocol
  8. Euro Pak Cargo Services has a zero-tolerance policy towards threats and abusive language. If this occurs, your details will be forwarded directly to relevant authorities and your parcel will be disposed of without notice
  9. On the rare occasion we cannot deliver direct to your recipient’s door – you will need to arrange a collection from the nearest pick-up point
  10. Amendments to the recipient address will incur an administration charge of £15.00
  11. ‘Other charges’ also include any fees imposed by the carrier and/or as a result of a weight differentiation.
  12. Changing the delivery address will result in an admin charge of £15